The Hub

The Hub

BRUN The Hub .pngThe Hub at USAG Benelux-Brunssum will officially open on Friday, March 27.  The WELCOME TO THE HUB event begins at 9:30 AM.  



There will be plenty of gaming and food/drink options to keep the whole family entertained!  

Lü Interactive Play Area

Lü transforms the traditional gym into an immersive and interactive gaming space with purposeful activities and world-class audiovisual equipment.  Lü supports health, sports, fitness and team-building with a fast-paced video game experience. 

Ask a HUB team member about half-hour and hour reservations. Open to all ages.  2-8 players. 

Escape Rooms

Entrance is guaranteed but escape is doubtful.  Stop by The Hub's front desk, or call to inquire about reservations for the two escape rooms.  Open to ages 8+. 2-6 players.  45 minute duration. 

Spellcaster-The Wizard's Book of Secrets

Your group of "Wizards in Training" must enter the mystical chambers of the great and powerful Sorcerer known as Dark Raven.  Your quest is to find the Sacred Crystal of the Ancients.  Once unearthed, you must return this powerful relic to its rightful owner.  Only you can restore balance to our world!

File X

Under the cover of darkness, to avoid discovery by the press, a covert operation took place to move the contents of the top-secret base known as Area 51.  Thought to contain the nation's deepest secrets, every object was moved to this very place and now it is up to you and your group to discover the mysteries hidden for decades!

Free Play

Free Play allows customers the opportunity to try one-of-a-kind recreation and gaming activities during off-peak times.  Follow us on Facebook @Brunssum MWR on Facebook to stay up to date on discounts, freebies and news! 

The Mine Bar & Pub

The Mine Bar & Pub is USAG Benelux-Brunssum's place to go for signature cocktails and drinks.  Inspired by Emma Mine, the previous home of USAG Benelux-Schinnen, and an homage to the Staatsmijn Emma, the second largest coal mine in The Netherlands.  The Mine offers excellent drinks and small bites in a laid-back atmosphere.  Open to ages 18+.  Please drink responsibly. 

The Gold Mine

The Army Recreation Machine Program (ARMP) is open daily and is accessible for customers via a side entrance at the front of The Hub's parking lot.  In the Gold Mine, customers can play with a cashless payment card on over 20 different machines.  Please ask a HUB staff member for more information on pay-outs and game play.  Open to ages 18+.  Please play responsibly. 

The Bistro

Take a culinary tour around the world at The Bistro.  From tacos to hand-held paninis, there is something to satisfy every taste in this upscale bistro that was inspired by food trucks from Asia, Europe Mexico and the United States of America.  Make plans to have lunch at The Bisto...let's face it, wings are always a good idea! 

Storage Units

The Hub's self-storage units are available for annual contractual agreements, and are open to all customers with USAG-Benelux-Brunssum base access. Each 10x13 foot unit is equipped with 24/7 surveillance and access, as well as climate control.  Visit the customer service desk in The Hub to inquire about a storage unit today!  Space is limited.  First come, first served basis. 

Fitness Center

The Hub's state-of-the-art fitness center has it all. Equipped with free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment and more, the leaders in Army fitness carefully curated each item for Soldier's needs.  Stop by the customer service desk to ask about locker rentals, than step in to the fitness center to take advantage of a range of Life Fitness machines, Arc Trainer and Hammer Strength equipment. 

Massage therapy and personal training services are by appointment only.  Follow us on Facebook @Brunssum MWR for group fitness and sports information. 

Bouldering Room

The Hub's indoor bouldering room is equipped with 40 square meters of floor-to-ceiling climbing capability.  With enough room for six climbers at a time, it is the perfect space to practice your climbing skills. 

Party Rooms

Whether you are throwing a heartfelt farewell, or the perfect birthday party, let The Hub transform your event into something you will never forget! Our two large party rooms, equipped with high-end audio visual equipment, can be individually reserved or booked together to meet your party needs.  Rooms are available on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis. 

Speak with The Hub staff for more information regarding conference packages, catering, recreation discounts, decorations, and more. 

Virtual Reality Stations

With gamers in mind, The Hub delivers a wide variety of virtual reality gaming experiences through PlayStation® VR, Oculus Rift, and Steam VR.  Play highly rated virtual reality games or simply take a tour around the world's greatest sites. Open to ages 13+.  All children under 18 must have a parent or guardian present. 

Outdoor Recreation and Equipment Rental 

Outdoor Recreation and Equipment Rental is your one-stop shop for outdoor adventure and equipment.  Equipment Rental offers a variety of outdoor and indoor recreational equipment for rent at daily, week-end or weekly rates.  It is possible to rent camping tents, backpacks, coolers, canopies, sumo suits, fest tables and BBQ grills. 

Trips and Tours

Brunssum Trips and Tours provides members of the Tri-Border community the opportunity to explore sites and attractions in the local area and throughout Europe.  Take advantage of day, week-end, and extended adventures offering you and your family opportunities to relax and enjoy life! 


Varies by game

Food and drink purchased separately