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Escape Rooms


Your entrance is guaranteed but your escape is doubtful! 

Call or stop by The HUB to inquire about reservations and openings for our two escape rooms. Open to ages 8+.  2-6 players. 45 minute duration.

Spellcaster- The Wizard's Book of Secrets

Your group of Wizards in Training must enter the mystical chambers of the great and powerful Sorcerer known as Dark Raven. Your quest is to find the Sacred Crystal of the Ancients. Once unearthed, you must return this powerful relic to its rightful owner. Only you can restore balance to our world!

File X

Under the cover of darkness, to avoid discovery by the press, a covert operation took place to move the contents of the top-secret base known as Area 51. It’s up to you and your group to discover the mysteries hidden for decades!

Free Play

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