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JFC Brunssum Library

JFC Brunssum Library

The main library, located at JFC Brunssum, has an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books, magazines and newspapers in Dutch, French, German, and English, DVDs, audio books,books, videos, magazines, audio and more. Special materials are provided to support various training and educational programs in the community. The library has a comprehensive reference section and periodical back files are available through online databases. A children’s annex is co-located and provides books, audio books, Playaway Launchpads, and reading programs for children of all ages. A computer lab with several internet-capable computers is also available.

For additional information, please call +31 (0)455-26-2669, or DSN 314-597-4294.



JFC Brunssum Library Storywalk™
Read a story in the fresh air at the JFC Brunssum Library’s Storywalk™

May 20 2021 - Aug 31 2021

In the words of the late poet, Joseph Addison, "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Why not do both? Take a break from aimlessly staring at that screen searching for something to watch. Disconnect, unplug, and experience life! JFC Brunssum Library is offering Storywalk™, a fun and interactive way for the family to enjoy classic children's books while getting in that Vitamin D!

Storywalk™ is essentially a book that's deconstructed, laminated, and posted page by page on a trail. The concept originated in 2007 by Anne Ferguson, a chronic disease prevention specialist from Montpelier, VT. Her vision was to get the families out and about. After partnering with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library, the idea took off and is now adopted by libraries and book stores worldwide.

This is a perfect opportunity to spark your children's interest in reading, using their imagination, and building creativity. The story begins near the gate, behind the B&S Store. Please be advised the route is not stroller friendly. 

Cost: Free!
No registration required.




JFC Brunssum Library Book Bundles

Illustrations provide young readers with an immediate vision of characters, setting, and the plot of the story. Children often respond to characters from their visual appeal. Picture books help kids connect what they observe with how they reason, linking concepts with words.

JFC Brunssum Library is offering Book Bundles. A wide selection of picture books are available based on your child's age and interests. Contact us and we will select up to 30 books for your children.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a library cardholder?
Stop by the library and register for your library account. You will need a Military or Civilian ID card.

How can I get to the library website?
Go to the Army Europe Library website and log in.  Click on "get a PIN" under My Account. Enter your e-mail address and submit. Check for an e-mail with a link to set your PIN. You must have an e-mail address that you provide the library. If you do not have a an e-mail address, ask the library staff.

May I check out books, movies, and CDs together?
Yes, you may borrow books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, and video games at the same time but with different loan periods.

For how long may I check out items?
The loan period depends of the material type.
Books, CDs and Audiobook: 3 weeks
DVDs: 1 week

How can I order items from other libraries?
You may ask the Library staff for assistance in placing holds. You may also place them yourself from any PC or mobile device once you have registered for access to your account.

What happens if I lose a library item?
When a patron is responsible for losing an item, only the owning library may determine if the item must be replaced or the loss is waived. If the item is to be replaced, the transaction will take place with the owning library. In accordance with AR 735-17: Accounting for Library Materials, compensation must be made for lost or damaged library materials. Army libraries are not authorized to accept monetary compensation for a lost item.

Can you download E-books to your phone or tablet?
Yes. It's possible to download to both your phone and your tablet. The library offers several collections of downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. The Army Digital Media Library has step by step instructions and troubleshooting. To access e-resources, please follow the instructions listed next to the resource you wish to use:  Army MWR Libraries

How can I download e-books, e-audiobooks, or e-magazines to my phone or mobile device?
First, register for a library account. Then set up access to the library website and your account. Find the "Download now" icon and choose a vendor. You may need to register with each vendor and you can use the same information as for your library account.

How can I help my children succeed in school?
Regular visits to the library to check-out books will encourage them to love reading.  Reading together is the best way to raise a reader. Reading skills are critical to academic success and life-long learning.


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